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Best Way to Give a Dog a Pill ( 13 Proven Methods )

As a pet parent, I know how much harder to give pills to my dog. Forget dogs. I don’t like pills too. Believe me or …

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Anxious Dog : Everything You Need To Know

Before diving into this discussion, let us just question ourselves for a moment. How many of us go through a daily struggle of combating anxiety …

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8 Things To Consider Before You Bring a Dog Home

I still remember the day when my father bought a little puppy to me. It was a female Pomeranian dog. So much cute and adorable. …

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Blood on dog’s poop: What should I do?

We all love our cute adorable pet. We don’t like it if it gets hurt. If your pet ever gets hurt or seeing the blood …

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Can Dog Eat Tofu? [ Feeding Your Dog Tofu ]

We all like to give tasty foods for our little buddy. But unlike for humans, not all food may good for your pet. Some foods …

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Can Dogs Eat Apples?

Can you feed apples to your dog? Can a dog eat apple slices? If you have a dog, you already searched this on the internet …

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Chocolate Poisoning In Dogs [Ultimate Guide]

All pet parents and Dog lovers are well familiar with that cute little face of dogs when they need to taste our meals. But, the …

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How Much Should I Feed My Dog?

Are you one of those who are concerned 24/7 for your pet’s health and feed. If so, then this article might just be the right …

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How Often Should I Bathe My Dog? [Ultimate Guide]

We all know how a daily bath is essential to us. If you are living in a country where usually has hot weather, maybe you …

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