8 Things To Consider Before You Bring a Dog Home

I still remember the day when my father bought a little puppy to me. It was a female Pomeranian dog. So much cute and adorable. He looks like a unicorn to me. We called her Pinky. Actually, before that, we had a dog name Bracky. I was small on those days and even didn’t know what the breed of it is. Pinky is the one who remembered to me ever since that.
Well on the first day I saw her. I feel so much happy. I didn’t ask for a puppy from my dad. I don’t know why he bought me a one but Its the coolest thing that my dad did. I don’t know I may be born with a love for dogs. That’s why I accepted the gift.

So if you come this far in my post, maybe you are a parent, perhaps a brother or a sister, boyfriend or a girlfriend. If you are trying to bring a dog your home or if you are trying to give a dog as a birthday gift to someone, just hold that thought for a second. First, ask these questions from you. If the majority of answers get a YES, then you can proceed. Otherwise, you can rethink whether you should bring a dog or not.
After all, the dog is a sensitive animal, and you can not sell or buy his life. If you are willing to keep one, you have to pay the price. If you cant, just don’t ruin its life. So let’s get to know what are the things to consider when you bring a dog home.

This will be my first question because we all know that there are people out there who are very cruel to animals. If they saw a dog on the street they always try to hurt them by throwing stones at them even though dogs not barking at them. I saw an incident from another country where someone put a firecracker inside the dog’s mouth and hold it’s mouth until it blasts. Then he uploaded those photos to Facebook. So imagine what kind of a person is that? I mean sometimes we can’t identify the difference between human and animals. Aren’t we? So if you are such a person or the person you trying to gifted is that kind of a person you should stop there.

Can You Protect Your Dog When He Needed?

What? I am getting a dog for my protection. Why should I protect him? Well if this is the question that crosses your mind, then you are not ready yet. Everybody loves to be loved. Everyone needs protection. Your dog becomes stronger and stronger from inside if he feels his master is there for him when he needs or protect him from any threat that coming his way.

The threat may be from a man, a dog or something else. When he feels you care for him, he will care for you. Simple as that. If you are giving a dog for your younger child, maybe your child is not aware of those things. Maybe your boy will try to harm the dog. But in that case, you should be able to stop it. Teach your child why it’s wrong. Teach everyone feels the pain. Everyone is scared for death and sickness.

Can You Provide For Him?

If your salary is merely sufficient for you or your family needs, then how can you provide for your dog? If you think my dog should eat what I eat, if we don’t he shouldn’t then again it’s a big NO. Dogs have a special diet plan. They are getting their major calory intakes from proteins and fat. You need to give meat and special foods for him. In my blog, I wrote an article about why you should give brown rice to the dog. When you are giving pills to your dog how to give him. See everything has to do appropriately and on a schedule. You have to give vitamins and dog food for him. So you should have a budget to do that.

Do You Have The Time?

Time is the only thing that we don’t have. Aren’t we? But it’s not. We have all the time we need. What we are lacking is time management. If you love someone, you will somehow find your time to be with her or him. If you like to watch movies, you will postpone your works to watch it. Same goes here. If you want to have a dog, you have to dedicate your time for him too.

You have to pay your attention for his sick signs, if he’s hungry or if he needs a bath or maybe to take him to VET or to play with him. See it’s like you are hanging with a child.
Also, you have to read and read to see if there is anything new you should learn regarding your dog. Are there any nutritious foods out there? Are there any foods that are poisonous to my dog. (why you shouldn’t provide chocolates to your dog). How to properly bathe your dog? The point is the little fellow needs your special attention every movement.

Can Others Look After Him If You Are Not at Home?

OK. You are a dog lover. You got all the time in the world to look after him, and you can provide for him. But it isn’t the end of the story. What if you had to fly away from home for two days? Week? Maybe a month? What will happen to your dog? Can your family members look after him? Is your wife afraid of dogs? Is your Dad, Mom hate dogs? Are you a lonely person?

Do you have a friend or neighbor to give food for him in case if you cant come from office?
See you have to look out the answers for these questions too. You should always have a backup plan. I remember I watched a movie ( Can’t remember the name) that nothing to do with dogs. But I like to point out something from that movie. In there, a person lived in an apartment. He had a dog with him. He is going to the office in the morning by giving food to the dog. In the evening, he comes to the apartment on time. His daily routine is pretty much the same. Until he is going to a strange place and end up in terrorist hands, I think those terrorists hold him for days. So the dog is locked inside the apartment with no food or water.

These type of things are not just happening inside movies. These are very common in today’s busy life schedule. See if you have a similar lifestyle like this and you are seeking for a companion to cut your loneliness you should think about these things too.

Is There Any Pregnant Lady in House?

Well, this is a debating topic that discusses on many forums. But as a rule of thumb if there is a pregnant lady or if there is a person who needs special attention in your house you should be more careful because there is a threat that comes with these animals regarding spreading diseases. This is more connected with cats than dogs. There is a decease called Toxoplasmosis. It is a decease that results in an infection of the parasite called Toxoplasma gondii.

If a pregnant lade infected with these results could be severe, it could damage your unborn child’s eyes and brain and may be born with congenital disabilities. But Toxoplasmosis is very rare in dogs, but the newest researchers have found there is another decease spreading from dogs, and it is called brucellosis. If the pregnant dog got this, it could be pass to her baby dog through the birth canal. So this can be infected if you handle newborn puppies or help to deliver puppies. Even though this brucellosis is very rare among dogs don’t risk it. We all know how babies are precious to our life. So if you and your partner are planning on giving birth to a child then probably you should wait to bring a dog.

Do You Have Necessary Space?

Are you living in a boarding place? Apartment? Friend’s home? Or you do have a home, but there is no garden? Space is something your dog will love to have. He needs to see the outside. He needs to play. He needs to do his thing. You know what I mean. If you are bringing a dog to put in a cage, it’s not something you should do. I mean do we like to be in a cage? If not your companion doesn’t like too.

Do You Want a Dog to Show Off or Pretend That You Love Dogs?

OK. You like to have a dog. Because the neighbor has a dog, they are walking with the dog. They are wearing nice suits, and they are walking in the street. Why don’t you? You have to show them your colors too. Is this the thing why you need a dog? Well, then you do not deserve a dog yet.
Or maybe there is a beautiful girl or handsome guy at the corner of the street. She or he loves dogs. You have a feeling that if you had a dog, maybe she/he will like you too.
Well, I just want to tell you that these are the kind of reasons why some people wants dogs. So please don’t take a dog to satisfy your temporally needs. Its just not OK.


In this post, I wanted to point out some key points to take into consideration when you decide to bring or gift someone a dog. These are just simple questions that can ask from your self. Don’t pass the questions. Try to get positive answers for all of the above. Because after all, you are bringing a real-life to your home and all lives are precious. Treat well. Honour him.
What else should we consider? Am I miss something? Well, comment below. Save a dog before its too late.

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