How Often Should I Bathe My Dog? [Ultimate Guide]

We all know how a daily bath is essential to us. If you are living in a country where usually has hot weather, maybe you will bath three or four times a day. Well, that’s us. How about your dog? If you feel hot, you can bath. But how could your pup do that? Let’s get down dirty with this.

Bathing the dog is an excellent way to keep him in good hygiene. If your dog has fleas, unusual scratches, and bumps, you may notice them while you are bathing your dog because you can see the dog’s body easily when he is wet, and their hair is flat against their body.

We have to consider a few factors when we are deciding the bathing routine for our dog. They are

  • Hair Length: If your dog has long hair, maybe dirt or debris can trap inside the hair. If you can do a daily comb, you can remove those.   
  • Indoor/Outdoor: If you keep your dog inside the house and not allow him to go to the garden, then probably he will have lesser dirt when comparing to dogs who are playing outside. Because when your dog goes out probably, he will roll on wastage, dig holes, going after small insects more and more. Even though its love to watch, eventually, their hair will catch dirt.
  • Allergies and Skin Conditions: Dogs who have special health conditions or skin allergies may need lesser baths or frequent baths.
  • Dog’s Activeness: Forget the dogs. Take the children. You know some are very active. They always tend to go outside and play. Some are lazy, or some are very calm. So when it comes to dogs, the active dogs may need frequent bath while others may not

If you are on a busy schedule and you are the one who looks after the dog, you probably don’t have the time to bath your dog. But try your best to give a proper bath for your dog at least once every three months. In my home, my mother is afraid to bathe the dog. So I am the one who keeps doing that. I usually on a tight schedule because of my job. So while I am at home, If I have the time, I try my best to give a regular bath for my dog.

I have two Pomeranians, and they have long fur. Many people are keeping their dogs in cages in our area. But I would never do that. I always give full freedom to them, and they always go to the garden and playing. Because of their long white fur, all the mud and debris are stuck inside the hair. Since the fur is white at the end of the day, all look like devils. Haha. So I am saying that if you can give a regular bath to your dog. It’s a good grooming practice, and it will keep your dog’s coat clean and healthy. It will help to remove any insects and parasites inside the fur.

Can I bathe my dog in hot weather?

Normally I will bath him when the environment is hot. Mostly in the afternoon. Because in the morning environment is cold, and since I am using the tap water, it is also cold. So make sure when you bath your dog the weather is warm and if you can always use a little bit of warm water. It will help your dog to have a nice warm bath, and warm water will clean your dog effectively than cold water.

You should have one place to bathe the dog. Do not bathe him every where in the home as it will not be good for the hygiene of the house members. And it is always good to train the dog for a certain place to bathe. Some people prefer to use the bathtub to do this. Most people find it easy, and if you have a small dog, you can even use the sink. I don’t have a tub in my home, so I am taking them to the water tap outside of my house, and there is a handheld shower attached to it. It is much easier for me.

Things to have when wash your dog at home

First, you must have a proper place to bath your dog. Like I said before, I have my place outside. Other than the place, you must consider having the following things too.

  • Absorbent towels: Use a microfiber towel for great absorption. If you have a big dog, a beach towel size will need it.
  • Dog Shampoo: Some people use human shampoos on the dog. But it is not recommended. Human shampoos are made for certain human skin types, and they are too harsh on dogs’ skin and coat. You may hear stories that even human shampoos are not good for human skin because of the large number of chemicals used in those products. So when you use those on dog damage, become double. Go for a soap-free shampoo.
  • A Brush:  Use an appropriate brush to comb the fur after get cleaned.
  • Bath mat: This is not an essential thing. But after the dog gets a bath, there should be a place to stand until the water goes away and do the clean. You can achieve this by using an extra towel on the floor.
  • Apron or any suitable cloth for you to wear.

How Should I Bath My Dog? (Step by step)

Once you ready to do this task with or without the cooperation of your dog here, I list down major steps you should follow.

1) Brush your dog before the bath

Make sure to brush properly before you bath the dog. Because if there any dirt or tangles, this is the right time to remove. Once your dog is wet, it is harder to remove those. Also, if your dog has an ear infection, maybe you can put a cotton ball in each ear to keep the water from getting inside.

2) Use lukewarm water

You may wonder what it is. Lukewarm water is neither hot nor cold. Because dog skin is different from human skin, hot water may burn his skin while the cold water will make them uncomfortable.

3) Talk to your pet throughout the bath

Bathing experience should be a fun thing. You have to give and show so much respect and love for your dog. Speak softly. Feel them that you are not torturing him. You may see that some dogs are hiding below the bed or hide in the kitchen when the owner gets the towel. It should not be like that. They should come to you and begging for a bath. I hope you understand.

4) Get your dog wet

OK, now you have warm water. Let’s get started. Gently soak your dog, starting from head to toe. Since most dogs have water resistance coating, you may need to penetrate the hair thoroughly, and it will help water to wet the whole area. But avoid eyes and ears. You can use a handheld shower, sprayer, or a bucket to pour water. Your dog will frequently need to shake the water off. To prevent this, keep your arm on top of the dog’s head. I learned this technique from an article published on a website. I don’t recall it now.

5) Shampoo your dog

Apply the shampoo to your dog’s coat. But avoid the eyes, face, and genital area. We all know how much pain will we get when soap goes to our eyes. Think the same way for dogs. Apply a small amount of shampoo with small amounts of water as it will increase the thickness of the shampoo as a rule of thumb mix two parts of shampoo with one part of water. Give thorough massage until shampoo spread out on the whole body. Do this a few minutes. Rub, Scrub, and Massage. That’s all you need to do. You should allow the shampoos to remain on the dog’s skin for 10 to 15 minutes before you rinse off. If you have a plastic or rubber scrubbing tool that specially made for a bath the dogs use that tool too. That will give an additional massage for the dog, and he will love it.

6) Rinse well

Remove any soap left on dogs in this step. Apply a stream of water to the dog’s coat by using a shower spray. It is faster than using a bucket of water. It is very important to remove all the shampoo residue from the dog.

7) Dry your dog

Its time to dry your dog. First, stay away from the dog for a second. Let him have some good shakes to remove the water by himself. Dogs’ shake will remove most of the water from their bodies. After this, you can use your blanket or towel to remove the excess water from the dog coat. After this, lay your bath mat or towel near to the dog. Many dogs will instinctively go for the sheat and will rub on the towel and shake their body more. Even after doing this, if you are not satisfied with the dryness of your dog, you can use a blow dryer with low heat or without the heat for further drying. But don’t use the blower directly on the dog’s eyes and ears.

8) Brush your dog

Its ok to not bath your dog daily. But daily brushing will remove most of the dirt from the dog’s coat. In this case, after the dog is completely become dry, brush out coat thoroughly. Even you can use a damp cloth to remove any greasy film from around the dog’s eyes. Also, make sure that your dog stays inside the home until he dries completely. Because if not, you will have a fully dirty dog within no time.When should I take my dog to the groomer?

When should I take my dog to the groomer?

No matter what is your dog breed or how much you love your dog when it comes to the bath, some dogs are hate to do that. So after many unsuccessful attempts, you can try for a groomer’s help. But why them? Well, just because of it just their business. They know special techniques, have special tools to make the bathing more interest in dogs. Once they train the dog for the bath, you can continue by yourself. Groomers are not just doing bath the dog, but they will work on the dog’s fur, ears, and nails. They will make the pet as clean and neat looking as possible.


Bathing the dog is not an easy task. It needs a lot of patience and practice. Some dogs are hate to bath while others not. But if we can try above discussed methods , we can make the bathing experience a more enjoyable one for the dog.

So how you bath your dog? Are you using special techniques and tricks? Let us know. Comment below

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