Why do dogs like bones?

Have you ever wondered why dogs like bones?

Well, as the first pet, my parents bought me a Pomeranian. After it passed away, I got a Doberman. Then I got a German shepherd. Among all of them, I saw one common thing. That they love it chew bones. You don’t need to give meaty bones to them. Even though there is no meat on the bone, they bite it for many hours. Even may days. You may experience it too. We all know that even in movies, we see things that when burglars try to enter houses, they always carrying bones or treats to calm the dog. If the dog is smart, it may not fall for it. But let’s accept the fact. The majority of the dogs will always choose the bone. So let’s find out why are they so much like to chew bones?

About eight million years ago, there were canines which were lived by hunting in packs. According to the researches, they say that modern households dogs were descended from ancient wolves, and wolves were descended from those canines. Since those canines were carnivores, their diet was mainly meat.

So to help to hunt large prey, these canines had strong and sharp teeth with massive jaws. Those enabled them to eat meat and bones. Since our dogs have a relationship with those, they have sharp teeth and big jaws too.

There are many good reasons for dogs to love bones. First of all, they can be tasty and nutritious. After a dog eating a bone, they will get more strength and has an energy feeling because of the nutrition, including inside the bone. Bone marrow is filled inside the bone, and it is high in calcium. If you give a bone with meat, it contains a lot of proteins too.

Sometimes you may see that even though there is no meat left on the bone and yet they can’t swallow, they still love to chew bone right?

That’s because chewing is a genetic habit that resides in their DNA, and it will stimulate their innate urge to chew. So yes, chewing bones make them happy, and it is a pleasurable activity they love to do. Experts say that chewing bones will cause the release of endorphins hormones, which mainly control the happiness feeling.

Not only that, when dogs eat bones, it will help to clean their teeth too, If there is any plaque or tartar build-up, it will be removed also.

Are bones good for dogs?

Since bones have more nutritional value and it will help to brush up dog’s teeth, then probably you will have a question now. Is it OK to give my dog a bone too?

Well, if you plan to give bones, and if you haven’t tried it already or if you are giving bones already, read further. Let’s talk about what we should give or not.

I saw on internet forums that some pet owners asked, Why are cooked bones bad for dogs? Well, those questions gave me a second thought to investigate this further. Because I am usually giving whatever the food I eat. As pet owners, we all do the same. When dog comes to us and look at our eyes how couldnt we right? So when I eat meat I always giving cooked meat bones to my dog too. But vets have a different opinion regarding this. They are saying that you should not provide cook bones to dogs cause it’s not safe. When you cook bones, it tends to break easily. So the dog may suffer from

  • Mouth or tongue injuries
  • Broken teeth
  • Bones may be looped around the lower jaw
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Gastrointestinal blockage, esophagus or Windpipe
  • Constipation
  • Bacterial infections that may happen at abdomen because of the punctured in the stomach (Peritonitis

If you do so.

Are dog treats good for dogs?

Today when we go to a shop we can see there are many dog treats are available for dogs. But now FDA warns that even commercially available bone treats are not suitable for dogs. Because there were also processed food, and sometimes severely processed food may make allergies and diarrhea in your pet. So when you are choosing a dog treat or any dog food, make sure that you go for a recommended and FDA approved food brand.

Sometimes its not about food. In case if your dog doesn’t have sharp teeth and strong jaws to chew bones, it is a good idea to visit your veterinarian before trying anything new.

What are the best bones for dogs to chew?

Now experts say that the best bone you can give for your dog is just the raw cut of bones. E.g., beef bones, lamb, turkey, or fresh chicken bones. That said, make sure to give a big bone so born cannot be swallowed whole. Also, bones that are too hard can be damage to the dog’s teeth too. So nowadays a lot of artificial bones are available on the market. But make sure to give your pet the best brand because, as I said earlier, even these commercially available treats have health concerns too.

Here I list down commercially available few chews that you can consider.

Image Brand Description
Milk-Bone Gnawbones Dog Treats These dog chews are made with real chicken and contains 30 chews.
Purina Busy Breed Dog Rawhide Treat Make by using real beefhide and contains 12 chews
Buffalo Range Rawhide Dog Treats Healthy treats which are made from buffalo rawhide and meat.

How often should you give dogs bones?

If you give too many bones often to your dog, it will lead to constipation issues. Typically it recommends providing one or two raw bones per week. But this depends upon the kind of dog you may have. If you have a younger dog, it can easily chew hard bones, and if you have older, it will not be able to handle them safely.

How long does it take for a dog to digest bones?

From my personal experience, I can say that it will take 24 hours to digest at the same time as other foods. You can tell this by seeing the dog poop. It may become very light, have a whitish color because of the massive amounts of calcium in the bones.

Even though I don’t have any proven method to validate this, I can say that raw bones and cooked bones are digests at similar rates based upon my experience.

What do I do if my dog swallowed a whole bone?

Some say don’t give bones to dogs. I always give raw bones to my dog. So if you are giving bones, try to provide bones that can be easily chewable.

If, in any case, the bone is lodged in the throat, you should visit a vet immediately before it can pierce its throat. I can remember once my Pomeranian dog ate a chicken bone, and it stuck between jaw teeth horizontally. I saw some blood coming out of the mouth, and it coughed so painfully. So then, my father and I held him tightly, and I took out the bone safely by opening his mouth widely. So if you ever get a chance to get the stuck object out of the dog’s mouth, go ahead and try it. But be safe. Because if the dog is hurt, it may bite you even it is your lovely companion. Also, if you do so, make sure no harm is done to him in the process. But if you can’t reach it to pull it out, go immediately and see your vet. They have special tools to take it out, and if they can’t see it, they will do X-rays to make sure it’s still there and to get the exact location.


I hope you get a better idea of giving a bone to your dog. Why dogs love it so much? What type of bones you should provide etc. Here is a reminder again. Always try to avoid cooked bones and try to give raw bones to your dog. Keep an eye when your dog eats bones if it tries to swallow the bone as wholly stop it. If you are giving treats to your dog, try to provide the best available food from a recognizable brand.

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