Why You Should Give Brown Rice To Your Dog

can-dogs-eat-brown-riceWe all know how nutritious brown rice is for us. If you have diabetics or any other health-related problems, Doctors will always recommend brown rice for your diet. So on that note, what if we give brown rice to our dog? Can they digest it? Well, let’s get deep down to this topic. Can dogs eat brown rice? Well, the short answer is Yes. You should add it to your pet’s diet if you concern more about your dog’s health.

There are various rice types available around the world. There are rice types that can grow in any environment or country, and there are some that will only grow if they met some special conditions. There are rice types that are endemic to certain countries too. You may already hear several rice types like White rice, Brown rice, basmati, Arborio, Jasmine, etc.. So the nutrition value of these rice is different from rice to rice too.

When it comes to brown rice. It is Enrich with

  • B vitamins
  • Folic Acid. (Helps to form new cells and prevent congenital disabilities) 
  • Iron, (Kind of a mineral that carries the oxygen in the blood)
  • Selenium (Helps proper functioning of the immune system as well as regulating the thyroid gland)
  • Also high in carbohydrates

Apart from those it also contains a long list of vitamins and minerals, They are:

  • Manganese
  • Sodium
  • Magnesium
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus
  • Folic acid
  • Thiamin
  • Vitamin B-6
  • Riboflavin
  • Niacin

Because of the above nutrition values now all VETs around the world are proposing dog owners to add plenty of brown rice to their dog’s diet.

Is Brown Rice Bad For Dogs?

Even though veterinarians recommend giving these to dogs, you should provide them in measured quantity. If your dog has gastrointestinal issues such as diarrhoea, you should never give brown rice.
If you have a healthy dog, you can try brown rice, but if you have a dog who has a sensitive tummy, this is not suitable for your dog. On the other hand, brown rice not easily digestible.

I mean, we all know that when we eat brown rice, we are not getting hungry for a longer period, not like white rice. Aren’t we?
Also, dogs getting their primary nutrition needs from protein and fat. So you have to mix it up when you are giving food. Even brown rice does not contain that much of a calorie count when comparing to white rice.

Why Not White Rice?

The next question that should have popped up in your mind by now may be, Why not white rice?
And the answer is the low nutrition value of white rice.
Another fun fact about white rice is that it is a less nutritious but whiter version of brown rice.
Yes, you got that right! White rice is brown rice—just a more refined version. So in this refined process, more nutrition is tended to be lost.

Manufacture of white rice in the rice mills:

After harvest, the rice immediately reaches the refineries where bran and germs are removed along with a significant portion of its nutritive content like fibre, which makes it harder to digest.

And that is not it. Synthetic vitamins are added to recover and regain all that was lost during this refining process. So, in the end, we are left with more eye appealing, less nutritious, harder to digest, artificial rice we know as white rice.

Benefits for Your Doggie’s Upset Tummy:

If your dog suffers diarrhoea, it is suggested to feed him white rice in any form other than raw.
Feeding only white rice is very important because fibre-rich brown rice can add to the digestive distress of your poodle’s little tummy.

If your dog has diarrhoea, make sure you consider the following steps:
● Feed him white rice, as brown rice is fibre-rich.
● Feed him white rice in the form of rice balls, boiled rice, or rice water.

Benefits of Brown Rice For Dogs

Brown rice has exceptional health benefits as it is very healthy for your pup’s overall health and metabolism. It contains vitamins B and  D, which are good for your dog’s cardiac health. It is enriched with natural fibres and is hence suitable for your pup’s digestive system. Just another perk of making your dog eat brown rice is that it will add new food and flavor, thus removing the monotony in your dog food list.

Following are some of the benefits of brown rice for your dogs:

  • It is low in fats
  • Is a cholesterol reducer
  • Low in sodium
  • Can soothe sensitive stomachs
  • Promotes the growth of useful bacteria in the gut thus maintaining healthy bowel movements
  • Rich source of fibre
  • Excellent source of carbs and hence a great energy source
  • Rich in minerals such as iron, magnesium, etc

They are known to heal allergic skin conditions.

How Much Rice Can I Give My Dog?

You need to understand that your little, cute fluffy puppy genetically belongs to the family of beastly canines. And a few decades earlier, these dogs lived only on meat.
So protein and fat should be the primary nutritional intake of your doggie no matter how much of a “couch pup” he is. Therefore, incorporating a small number of carbohydrates into his already protein-rich diet is a way to go. Brown rice will introduce his body to a new energy source. You can monitor the protein and fat intake along with carbohydrates as all three are essential for your dog.

However, regulating the amount of brown rice in your dog’s diet is very important.
Dry dog food usually contains 20-30% of carbs, but it is ok to add more in the form of brown rice.
A measured amount of brown rice 2-3 times per week is always better.
If it exceeds this limit, it will disturb the carb level of your pup, thus may harm the pup’s body.

Little pups have more energy, and they tend to be more active than an adult dog. So their bodies require more proteins. Feeding a high amount of carbs can result in weight gain in humans. Similarly, high carb intake can make your puppy fat and overweight.

How to Cook Brown Rice For My Dog?

Cooking brown rice for your dog is an effortless and simple task. You just need to figure out how your dog will like it. Some pups like it mixed with their dog food, while others may be happy with rice balls.

You can try different ways to choose the right one. Just be sure that whatever amount you are feeding your dog falls in the 10% Treat Rule. Excess of brown rice can cause constipation as it is very rich in fibre. Here is a simple recipe for cooking brown rice for your dog.

Boiled Rice Recipe

  1. Boil 4 cups of water on high flame.
  2. Put a measured amount of 1 cup brown rice in boiling water.
  3. Once the water boils again, turn the flame to low and cover the pan.
  4. Let the rice get soften to the required texture.
  5. It will take approx 20 minutes for the rice to gain the perfect texture.
  6. Drain and let the rice cool.

Once boiled now, you can add the rice to the dog food. You can also give a little treat to your dog by adding a piece of meat like a chicken. Rice water can be used when mixed with some liquid dog food.

Adding boiled rice with boiled chicken is known to help dogs who have sensitive tummies. Try opting for options that are both delicious and healthy for your dog.switching with different recipes of boiled rice will also help avoid monotony for your little furry buddy’s taste buds.

Precautions For Brown Rice

Follow the following precautions If you want your pup’s carb journey to be healthy.

  • 2-3 servings per week are enough. Don’t exceed the amount.
  • Maintain their regular protein and fat diet along with brown rice.
  • Monitor the number of carbs your pup intakes.
  • Choose the best quality organic products to avoid pesticides.
  • Don’t feed brown rice if your dog has diarrhoea.
  • Brown rice is not a substitute for regular meals.

So, now you know all the pros and cons of brown rice. It must be evident by now that it is perfectly healthy for your dog to eat brown rice.
It’s a good thing to grab the best quality brown rice from the nearest store and introduce your pup to new flavour and nutrition.

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